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Classics and new releases. More screenplays than you can green a light at.

Before Luke blew up the Death Star, and before everybody loved Raymond, someone had to sit down and write the story.

Whether you want to learn how to write your life as a sitcom, analyze the genesis of a blockbuster, or collect memorabilia of your favorite actor, check out The Planet's movie and TV scripts.

There's only about 18,000 of 'em.

Movie scripts     $14.99 each
TV scripts     $9.99 each
A few long scripts cost more, and are noted in the listings.

California residents will have sales tax added for The Man.

Shipping & Handling
Shipping     $2 per movie script
     $1 per TV script
Handling     $6 per order (any number of scripts)
Canadian and other International shipping to the right -->

Long scripts cost a little more to ship.

Sorry, we do not ship overnight or "rush" orders.

Our Product

All scripts are photocopies of authentic production drafts onto 8½" x 11" white 3-hole paper, bound with cardstock covers and 2 brass fasteners ("brads").

Most will be printed double-sided. If you want your scripts single-sided, just request it in the Message box or an email. There is no extra charge for this request.

Ninety-eight percent of our scripts are "standard" price ($14.99 and $9.99) and when ordered, the titles should be entered in the first box in the order form. "Long", "Extra Long" and "Very Long" do not refer to different drafts, "better" drafts or single-sided, it just means the draft has more pages. Unless we have a different price next to the title in our listing, just enter it in the "standard" box in the order form ($14.99 movie, $9.99 TV).

Copy quality varies, especially with age, but all are readable. We strive to obtain the most legible versions.

Occasionally, a script may be missing a page, but we will usually note it in the listing. It's important to remember that scripts should be considered memorabilia, not exact copies of the movie or TV show.

Please realize that all screenplays go through many drafts and may differ from what was released or broadcast. We cannot guarantee that a particular scene or dialogue is in our version of the screenplay. We will try to note "early" drafts.

We do not carry original, autographed, downloadable/pdf, or foreign-language scripts. We do not sell scripts before the movie or show is released or broadcast.

Everything we have is listed -- if you don't see it, we ain't got it. We do add every 1-2 weeks, tho', so check the new scripts page or follow Planet Megamall on Twitter to get a quick note as soon as we add titles.

Script copies are for personal or educational use only -- no rights are given or implied. All screenplays are copyright their respective owners.

All sales are final, but we will do whatever we can to make you a satisfied customer.

Have fun!

These men are here to protect you. They're soldiers.

It won't make any difference.

(Aliens, written by James Cameron and
David Giler & Walter Hill)

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Ship to Canada:
$6 each feature
$2 each TV script
$12 handling per order

Post International:
$6 each movie script
$2 each TV script
$18 handling per order

You are responsible for possible Customs charges.

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