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eBay, baby, eBay

Just brokering some buyable baubles on eBay. Baybah!

Planet MegaMall auctions at eBay.

Currently listed:

PT Cruiser rear floor mats, black, used (like new)

None right now but many many to come.

Accidental Love (Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel)
Best Man Down (Justin Long)
Bug (2002) ("Butterfly Effect"-type events)
Cherish (Robin Tunney)
Dead Lands (Maori warriors fight)
Experimenter (Milgram's behavioral studies)
Frank (eccentric indie band)
Late Quartet (relationship drama)
Mitch Fatel Is Magical (stand-up comedy)
Moonwalkers (Ron Weasley fakes moon landing)
Short Term 12 (Brie Larson supervises at-risk teens)
Treasure Island with slipcover (2012 TVM with Eddie Izzard)

  • Canon PIXMA MP480 inkjet printer - non-working (ink absorber error, can't reset)
  • Velodyne VX-10 10" powered subwoofer - non-working but probably easily repairable
  • Over 150 more Blu-rays and DVDs: SteelBook, Twilight Time, Blufans, WeET, WEA (full list coming soon)
  • Calvin and Hobbes books, Far Side books
  • Chinese carved hardwood figures
  • European travel collectibles - Concorde promo, cruise menus, more
  • MacBook Pro skin by Gelaskins - "Red Robot Leaving City" - OOP!
  • several iPhone 5 cases
  • Flotsam and jetsam, detritus and debris

I am eBay seller kristianidol, with a 100% positive feedback for over 1100 auctions spanning 20 years.

And, of course, if you have any questions about an auction item, just email.

If they ever perfect time travel, the first thing
I'll do is travel back to last Monday and change
my maximum bid on eBay for that damn
'Alvin and the Chipmunks' CD box set.

(Steiner Sellers)

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