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How do you learn to write a screenplay?

There's a ton of books out there and a whole lotta rosey-faced teachers (and a whole lotta crappy movies anyway) so how do you decide on who to learn from?

Well, we at Planet MegaMall recommend the gentlemen above.

The man on the left is John Truby. John has a book and about fifty-'leven software titles on learning screenwriting. But is he for real?

Well, Mr. Truby wrote and directed All American Boy, which won Best Dramatic Film at the Houston International Film Festival and was nominated for Best Picture at the Hollywood Film Festival.

Truby's classes are somehow dense yet completely accessible at the same time. He's like the nice, reserved professor that knows - his - sh*t. Just great information on storytelling from its beginnings to last weekend's new blockbuster. John Truby's site:

truby's screenwriting website

The guy on the right is William C. Martell. Nineteen produced screenplays, my friend. Nineteen. Without an agent.

And his book, Secrets of Action Screenwriting, is acclaimed by writers from Ken Wheat (Pitch Black) to Terry Rossio (Pirates of the Caribbean, Shrek).

Bill's book is currently out of print (not for long, prolly) but he teaches in Los Angeles, London and at various other festivals and expos.

Here's Bill Martell's website, with daily free tips and lots of information on breaking in:

script secrets,
the write place for screenwriting information

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