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Isn't That Special?

Black Thursday, Cyber Whatsis, WTF? Our specials last all the time!

Here are some overruns, returns, etc. for a silly huge discount. Most are double-sided, some single, there may be a bend or two, but no tears or non-writer markings. They is what they is. And what they is is a pile of scripts taking up a shelf that we need!

Maximum 1 copy of each discounted title (but an order can include several different titles, of course). Tax, shipping and handling remain the same.

Prices valid only on this page -- use the ADD SCRIPT SPECIAL link on the right. →

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Feature Scripts... $1.99 each!
Away We Go
Home Front (AKA The Scoundrel's Wife)
L.A. Law - Pilot (2 hr)

TV Scripts... 99¢ each!
Alias - "Masquerade" (missing 1 pg.)
Batman (1966) - Pilot
Charmed - "Ms. Hellfire" (a few dark pages)
Cold Case - "Boy in the Box"
Cold Case - "Fly Away"
Cold Case - "Hubris"
Cold Case - "Time to Hate, A"
Greatest American Hero - "Long Fall at Ten, Two and Four"
Grey's Anatomy - "No Man's Land"
Hannah Montana - "Grandma, Don't Let Your Babies..."
Jackie Thomas Show - "Guys and Balls"
JAG - "Guilt" (dark, missing last page)
Jake 2.0 - Pilot
Samantha Who? - "The Birthday"
Samantha Who? - "The Wedding"
Strong Medicine - "Rape Kit"
Ugly Betty - "Fey's Sleigh Ride"
Without a Trace - "Prodigy"
Without a Trace - "Revelations"
Without a Trace - "Silent Partner"

Buy 3, Get 1 Free

You know you want 'em. So buy 3 scripts at their normal price, and we'll toss in another for free... nada, zilch, zippo.

Our shopping cart does not figure this special automatically, so you'll need to add up your own order, using the numbers on the Screenplays front page:
  1. Scripts
  2. Tax if in California (9% - multiply by 0.09)
  3. Shipping
  4. Handling


  5. Subtract the lowest-priced script
  6. PayPal the correct amount to ""

Or email if you have any questions or want us to figure your price.

Sorry, you cannot use the "Buy 3, Get 1 Free" on New Scripts or Specials. You can, however, use the deal more than once in an order: Buy 6, get 2 free; buy 9, get 3 free, etc.!

We are all individuals!

I'm not.

(Life of Brian, written by Chapman & Cleese & Gilliam & Idle & Jones & Palin)

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