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Hey, look what I found over here!

Everything listed on this page is previously-owned by The Planet's very owner and in Very Good to Excellent condition.

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Seinfeld Companion

Seinfeld Companion - An Unofficial Guide to TV's Funniest Show Atomic Wedgies to Zipper Jobs!

Entertainment Weekly's Seinfeld Companion is "an unofficial guide to TV's funniest show". It's a glossary of funny terms and repeated events from the first four seasons, like "Home Base" or "The Pull-back", etc. It's great remembering those early shows.

96 pp. including episode guide for Seasons 1-4. Excellent shape except that the bottom corner is bent about ¼" (every page) and the spine looks a little faded.

$1 + $3 shipping (Media Mail)

Russian Architect Pin Set

Three pin set of Russian architect and two of his buildings Great sculptured three-pin set promoting pre-Soviet architect Andrei Voronikhin and two of his buildings in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), the Gorky Institute and the Kazan Cathedral.

Purchased in Leningrad USSR in 1977. Paid with rubles!

Diamond-shaped pin is 2½" x 2½". Oval pins are 1½" x 1". All are Near Mint condition. Material appears to be a very light metal or maybe very hard plastic.

$2 + $2 shipping

If I could just let go of all of my unrealistic expectations,
everything in my life would be perfect.

(Paul Hannah)

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