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The Lowest Gas Prices, Guaranteed

Wow, what a great website I just discovered! uses its network of 150,000 volunteer "spotters" around the country to note what price gas is at their local station.

So all you do is enter a zip code or a street, and it'll find the gas stations there, and order them from lowest price on up.

And if you think about it, the lower-priced stations will get more business, and the higher ones less, so the higher ones will lower their prices. Let's use the pure economics of supply and demand to get gas prices down!

This is simply one of the best uses of the Internet out there. Stop paying so too much for gas!

Finally, if you're using a Mac with OS 10.4 Tiger, get Interdimension Media's Gas widget, so the lowest neighborhood price is right there on your (computer) Dashboard!

Hey, rich tree-hugger

Yes, now you can drive an environmentally sound car and be a stud, too...

An electric car that looks like a Lotus, does 0-60 in four seconds and goes 250 miles on a charge. Check this shizz out:

Ninety G's though, and I don't mean gravity.

Buying a Car in Minnesota?

Okay, so the owner of Planet MegaMall found need to buy a new car.

"Found need" as in, the 1992 mini-truck with 154K on it died one night in Minneapolis at 15 below -- the only night it got below zero all winter, BTW -- with vaporized antifreeze smoke spewing out of the engine block, and then limped to the shop where the next day it wouldn't start at all, so he sold it to a junkyard for a whopping $100, but he really needs a vehicle when he returns to Los Angeles, because the last time said truck was in the shop, he actually rode a bicycle around L.A., and that was okay in a health-wise, Ed-Begley-Jr.- kinda way, until the rain rusted his bike lock shut, and then it was like, "Hey, I got a MegaMall to run here!" and anyhoo, now he's kinda done using Mom's white car with the big, brown varnish stain on the side, so he was looking at a brand-spankme new Toyota Yaris, but that'll take three months to come from Japan, so he started looking at PT Cruisers, because that's what he really wanted a few years ago, but couldn't quite do it financially, you know, so he talked to a few very nice, helpful sales peoples, and got his plum-purple PT Cruiser with the slate gray interior. And lived happily ever after.

Plum 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser

So, if you live in the beautiful state of Minnesota and "find need" of a vehicle, look up one of the fine sales folks that helped us out:

Minneapolis and North

Walser Toyota Bloomington
1750 American Blvd. W
Bloomington, MN 55431
  • No haggling -- lowest price displayed on vehicles
  • Eleven auto brands under Walser name
Call Steve Johnson
(952) 292-7720

Minneapolis and South

Dodge of Burnsville
35W South and Cliff Road
Burnsville, MN 55337
(952) 894-9000
  • Certified DaimlerChrysler Five Star dealership
  • Understand the online researcher/buyer
Ask for Mindy Berstein
Internet Sales Manager

Tell 'em Kristian Idol referred ya, and I think I get a tank of gas.

Which is worth about $397 these days!

The salesman said the car had Cruise Control.
I thought, "Now how can they put a lid on that idiot?"

(Kristian Idol)

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