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Man, I don't know why this show isn't in the Top Ten. Maybe people are scared by the title.

But this series about a man who gets arrested just to get into prison in order to break his unjustly-accused brother out is just amazing. The body tattoo as a map, the "how's he gonna do it?", the sleezeballs he must involve, the narrow escapes... it's better than 24, my friends. Honest.

(Girls, Wentworth Miller is super hunky, too. Even his voice, like a young Clint Eastwood.)

Selected commentary, four featurettes, alternate/deleted scenes.

Prison Break Season One DVD Lost - Complete Second Season

Okay, so it may not have been as good as the first season, because the novelty wore off. But Eko's brother crashing on the same island before he did? Libby possibly being in the mental institution with Hurley? How cool is that!

Lost - Complete First Season

Sin City DVD, directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez Sin City

You know what? I don't like comic book movies. Hated X-Men. Didn't think Spider-Man was amazing. Couldn't care less about Hulk.

But Sin City just smoked them all, and it looks more like an actual comic book than anything ever made before.

Robert Rodriguez makes Tarantino look like a joke.

Forty-seven minutes of featurettes, Rodriguez film school, and a ton more.

Previously, on Planet MegaMall

Pride & Prejudice (2005) - Thrill to the high cheekbones, soaring music and gushing girly emotions! Here's the Colin Firth one from 1996.

Hustle & Flow - A simple logline ("Memphis pimp wants to be a rapper") doesn't do this indie film justice. The performances all around are great and this movie will surprise you. Kinda like "Philly boxer get unusual chance at prizefight." (Rocky) or "Archeologist tries to find religious artifact." (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Twilight Zone Original Series (43 titles) - The librarian, the alien plastic surgeons, Bill Shatners on a plane... no explainin' neccesary, just more classic twists than a Chubby Checker. You kids might want Twilight Zone 2002.

Grey's Anatomy - Season 1 - No, men don't talk like this, and there ain't a surgical intern alive that has the personality of the dorky one, but I still try to watch this chick-flick-esque drama. Stars Ellen Pompeo, who's also in Old School, which is more of a guy thing.

House, M.D. - Season One - Dr. Gregory House is either medicine's biggest bastard or he's saving lives by just being honest. It's deep, it's dark, it's gripping, it's gory. And it stars a British comedian.

Miami Vice - Season One - The 1980's original, once pitched as "MTV cops", is better than the 2006 movie.

That '70s Show - Season One - I like this goofy show about teenagers in Wisconsin in the 70's, because I was a teenager in Minnesota in the 70's. And you know what? Laura Prepon is a pretty damn good actress. That 70's Show - Season Two

Murder One - The Complete First Season - Before Keef and 24, this show parcelled out the story one day per episode. Daniel Benzali, the best voice this side of Clint Eastwood, as a high-profile attorney defending rock star Jason Gedrick, accused of strangling his 15-year-old girlfriend. And anything with Stanley Tucci as a bad guy just rocks!

Ray - Jamie Foxx makes good for Booty Call. Astonishingly accurate portrayal of Ray Charles.

Maria Full of Grace - An intimate, emotional story about a 17-year-old female drug mule (smuggler). Unknown Catalina Sandrino Moreno is amazing, and there's no chainsaws in the shower, neither.

Napoleon Dynamite - Just so stupid that you laugh. Commentary, making-of, deleted scenes. Sweet!

Kill Bill - Volume 1 - Uma needs to kill the people on her list, chop-socky ensues. Robert Richardson is the best cinematographer alive, so moments of this are absolutely beautiful. Just don't expect anything besides LOTS of talking, and then so much blood it's comical. Kill Bill - Volume 2 (For the sword fight inside a too-small mobile home trailer.)

Lord of the Rings - The Motion Picture Trilogy
Maybe you've heard of this? Somethin' 'bout a piece of jewelry?

Some Olsen twins movie (Does it really make a difference?)

And speaking of virgins...

Charmed - The Complete First Season

Deadwood - The Complete First Season Saloon-goers swearin' like a mofo'.

Murphy Brown - The Complete First Season

Night Court - The Complete First Season

Scrubs - Season One

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